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1:87 Scale: A Standard in Model Railroading Precision

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The 1:87 scale, also widely recognised as HO scale in the world of model railroading, is one of the most prevalent scales used by hobbyists around the globe. Vehicles, figures, and scenery items in this scale are used to populate model railroad layouts, complementing the trains that run on HO track.

Key Features of 1:87/HO Scale

- Balanced Detail and Size: At 1/87th the size of their real-life counterparts, these models provide a high level of detail that can include legible signage, detailed interiors, and accurate renderings of mechanical parts—all in a size that is practical for extensive layouts on reasonable display spaces.

- Popularity and Versatility: The HO scale's popularity stems not only from its detailed and accurate models but also from its versatility. The scale's wide appeal means there is a vast array of available products spanning different eras, geographies, and settings.

Integration in Model Railroading

- Railway Realism: Model trains in HO scale offer enough room for realistic details and operations, which makes them the preferred choice for hobbyists looking to balance realism and space availability.
- Comprehensive Scenes: The scale allows for the creation of detailed dioramas and layouts that can accurately represent both urban and rural settings, historical and modern scenes.

Global Standard and Accessibility

- International Adoption: Known as HO scale (Half O), it's the most widely used scale internationally, translating to a very broad, diverse market and community.
- Availability of Accessories: The widespread adoption of this scale means that enthusiasts can easily find accessories and parts for customisation or repair, enhancing the longevity and diversity of their collections.

Community and Collecting

- Active Hobbyist Community: The HO scale benefits from a large, vibrant community of hobbyists who share tips, trade models, and showcase their layouts at exhibitions.

- Economic Scale: Collectors can find 1:87 models to be more economically feasible to collect, given their manufacturing scale and availability.

1:87 in Other Modelling Venues

While the HO scale is most commonly applied to model trains, the high level of detail and relatively compact size make 1:87 models suitable for other types of dioramas involving vehicles, figures, and detailed architectural models.

Manufacturers and Variety

- Leading Brands: Numerous manufacturers specialise in HO scale models, providing collectors with a wide array of choices ranging from budget-friendly to high-end models with exceptional detail.

- Industry Leverage: The industry standardisation around the HO scale means that models from different manufacturers are likely to be compatible, facilitating the building of rich and multifaceted layouts.

Considerations for Hobbyists

- Space: Although an HO layout can become large, it remains manageable for enthusiasts who want to create an immersive experience in a limited space.
- Detail vs. Size: The size allows for a significant amount of detail while still being small enough for practical handling and display.


The 1:87 scale is an embodiment of detailed craftsmanship, offering modelers and collectors the finesse needed to create lifelike replicas within a modest footprint. The scale's alignment with HO gauge railways ensures its continued popularity and availability, making it a reliable mainstay for hobbyists seeking to create miniature worlds rich in narrative and realism.

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