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The 1:60 scale is a smaller scale used primarily for model aircraft and some die-cast toy cars. This scale means that one unit of measurement on the model—whether it's an inch, a centimetre, or any other unit—corresponds to 60 of those same units on the real vehicle. While it is not as common as scales like 1:72 for aircraft or 1:64 for cars, which are very close in size, 1:60 scale models still have their place among collectors and hobbyists.

Uses and Advantages

Aircraft Models: The 1:60 scale is significant enough to allow for a reasonable level of detail on aircraft models, which can include painted-on windows, landing gear, and livery details, while also being small enough to manage a larger collection without requiring substantial space.

Toy Cars: For die-cast toy cars, 1:60 scale models allow for playability and compatibility with various tracks and playsets. They are also a convenient size for children to handle and play with.


Detail: While smaller than some other scales, 1:60 scale models can still provide a faithful representation of the original vehicles, especially with today's advanced manufacturing techniques.

Niche Scale: Because it’s not one of the standard scales, 1:60 scale models might have a unique appeal and novelty, potentially attracting a subset of collectors.

Materials and Construction

Die-cast Metal and Plastic: Models in this scale are typically made from a combination of die-cast metal for the body, with plastic used for details such as wheels, interiors, or propellers.

Durability: Though small in size, 1:60 scale models are generally durable and suitable for both display and play.


Retail: You can find 1:60 scale models in retail stores that specialise in toys and hobby models, as well as online shops.

Specialty Collections: Some airplane model manufacturers may offer a niche line of 1:60 scale aircraft, which might be available directly from their websites or from specialty retailers.


The 1:60 scale is a modest size that maintains a balance between detail and practicality, particularly for model aircraft and die-cast car collectors. Its unique scale may not have the same breadth of availability as the more common scales, but it still offers collectors and enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy well-detailed models without requiring the space that larger-scale models demand.

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