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The 1:5 scale is a large format commonly used in the world of scale models, particularly for radio-controlled (RC) cars, trucks, and buggies. At this scale, models are one-fifth the size of their full-size counterparts. Due to their size, 1:5 scale models are capable of housing powerful engines, sophisticated suspension systems, and highly detailed features.

Uses and Advantages

Realism and Detail: Thanks to their larger size, 1:5 scale models can incorporate an exceptional level of detail and realism. This not only makes them visually impressive but also allows for functional realism in terms of how the models operate.

Performance: In the context of RC vehicles, 1:5 scale allows for high-performance features, such as gasoline-powered engines and advanced electronics. They can achieve high speeds and handle more rugged terrain, making them a favourite among RC enthusiasts.

Durability: Larger models are generally more durable, with individual components that are stronger and less prone to damage from impacts or the stress of high-speed operation.


High Value: Due to their size and complexity, 1:5 scale models tend to be a significant investment. They are often highly prized by collectors and hobbyists for their craftsmanship and performance.

Customisation: There is a strong culture of customisation and upgrading around 1:5 scale RC vehicles, with many aftermarket options available for enhancing appearance and performance.

Display: Although they require more space to display, these large models are impressive showpieces that can be the centrepiece of a collection or used as statement pieces in homes, offices, or workshops.

Construction and Materials

Quality Materials: 1:5 scale models are typically made with high-quality materials to withstand the rigours of use, including metal, reinforced plastics, and sometimes carbon fibre components.

Complex Systems: They can include complex working systems such as suspension, drivetrains, and steering mechanisms that mirror full-size vehicles.


Specialist Retailers: Due to their size and the niche market, 1:5 scale models are usually sold through specialist RC and model retailers, both online and in brick-and-mortar hobby shops.

Direct Purchase: In some cases, models can be purchased directly from the manufacturers, particularly those specialising in high-end or custom RC models.


1:5 scale models are not just toys; they are sophisticated machines that cater to serious RC hobbyists and collectors. They offer an immersive experience, both in terms of their build quality and their operational capabilities. These models require significant space both to store and to operate, but for many enthusiasts, the sheer joy of using these large-scale models is well worth the investment in space and money.

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