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The 1:350 scale is most commonly used for model ships, especially naval ships like aircraft carriers, battleships, and cruisers. This scale provides a good balance between size and detail, allowing for intricate representations that can be displayed in homes and offices.

Uses and Advantages

Naval Vessels: The 1:350 scale is ideal for large naval vessels, allowing for enough detail to accurately model the complex superstructures, armaments, and hull details.

Detail Level: At this scale, model kits often include finely moulded parts, photo-etched metal details, and realistic deck textures. The models can feature individual portholes, railings, and aircraft details that are true to the original ships.

Display-Friendly: Models of this size are large enough to be impressive display pieces without overwhelming a standard display space like a shelf or a desk.


Historical Significance: Many 1:350 scale models represent ships with significant historical value, such as those from World War II, which are popular among history buffs and maritime enthusiasts.

Kits and Pre-Assembled Models: The scale is popular both for model kits, which require assembly and painting, and for pre-assembled models, which are ready for display right out of the box.

Construction and Materials

Model Kits: The kits typically consist of plastic parts that must be glued and painted. Advanced modellers may add additional details through aftermarket parts or scratch building.

Pre-Assembled Models: These are usually made from a combination of plastic and metal components and are painted and assembled by the manufacturer, providing a high level of finish.


Model Kits: 1:350 scale model kits are widely available from hobby stores, online retailers, and directly from manufacturers.

Pre-Assembled Models: These can often be found in hobby shops, online, or at museums with maritime collections.


For model ship enthusiasts who want a large, detailed model without committing to the space requirements of something like a 1:144 or 1:200 scale warship, the 1:350 scale is an excellent middle ground. It offers the possibility to work with fine details and have a compelling piece of history on display without taking over a room. Whether as a kit or a pre-built model, 1:350 scale ships are treasured by those who appreciate maritime history and the art of model building.

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