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The 1:100 scale is a smaller scale often used for model trains, aircraft, and architectural models. In this scale, 1 unit (such as an inch or a centimetre) on the model equals 100 units on the actual object being modeled. This means that the model is 100 times smaller than the real-life counterpart it represents.

Uses and Advantages:

Aircraft Models: 1:100 is a common scale for airplane models, particularly commercial airliners. At this scale, the models are large enough to include some detail but small enough to be displayed easily.

Architectural Models: Architects and builders use 1:100 scale models to represent buildings and complexes. This scale allows for a substantial level of detail and can be useful for viewing the layout of larger structures in a somewhat compact form.

Model Trains and Railroads: While not as common as other scales like HO (1:87) or N (1:160), some model train layouts and vehicles are made in 1:100 scale, particularly in countries using metric measurements.

Military Models: It's a convenient scale for military dioramas, as it permits the inclusion of various elements (like vehicles, aircraft, and figures) in a manageable size for display.

Collecting and Modelling:

In the hobby of model collecting, the 1:100 scale is valued for the balance it provides between size and detail. It allows enthusiasts to build relatively detailed collections that don't require as much space as larger-scale collections.

Model Accuracy:

In 1:100 scale models, accuracy can vary widely depending on the manufacturer and the purpose of the model. Kits intended for serious hobbyists and collectors often focus on replicating fine details, while those meant for more casual collectors may not be as intricate.


Models in the 1:100 scale can typically be found through hobby shops, online retailers, and manufacturers dedicated to their respective niches (aviation, architecture, etc.). They are produced by different companies worldwide, each catering to the needs and preferences of their market.


The 1:100 scale is versatile and sufficiently detailed for various uses, from commercial aircraft replicas to detailed architectural models, providing a good compromise between space requirements and the desire for detail among collectors and professionals. Whether for collecting or professional display, 1:100 scale models are a practical size that offers a respectable level of detail and aesthetic appeal.

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