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Military models encompass a vast category of scale models that replicate the equipment, vehicles, personnel, and structures found in armed forces across the world and throughout history. They are a central part of the scale modelling hobby, catering to enthusiasts fascinated by military technology, history, and the art of miniature representation.

Types of Military Models

Ground Vehicles: This includes tanks, armoured personnel carriers (APCs), jeeps, artillery pieces, and trucks.

Aircraft: Military model aircraft comprise fighters, bombers, transport planes, and helicopters from different eras, including World War I biplanes, World War II fighters, and modern jet aircraft.

Naval Vessels: This group features models of battleships, aircraft carriers, submarines, destroyers, and other specialised combat and support ships.

Figures and Soldiers: Detailed models of military personnel in various scales, often posed to depict activities from routine duties to combat actions.

Dioramas and Scenery: Depictions of military scenes, from specific battles to generic settings, complete with landscapes, buildings, and fortifications.


Military model scales range from the large 1:16 or 1:35 often used for tanks and figures, to the mid-range 1:48 common in aircraft models, down to the smaller 1:72 and 1:144 scales typically used for aircraft and ships.

Materials and Construction

Plastic Model Kits: Most military models are made from injection-moulded plastic that requires assembly and painting. These kits come in various difficulty levels, from snap-together models suitable for beginners to complex kits with hundreds of parts and photo-etched metal details for advanced modellers.

Die-Cast Metal: Some military models come pre-assembled and are made from die-cast metal, which is typically painted and ready for display straight from the box.

Resin Models: High-detail or custom models might be cast in resin. These require a higher level of skill to assemble and finish but often offer superior detail and unique subjects not found in mass-produced kits.

Detailing and Customisation

The hobby allows for significant detailing and customisation, with many modellers adding individual touches like weathering, battle damage, and historical markings to make their models more authentic and personalised.

Historical Accuracy and Research

Military model manufacturers engage in extensive research to ensure their models are historically accurate, paying attention to the minutest details, such as the correct colours, markings, and equipment for the period and theatre of operations represented.

Educational Value

Military models serve an educational purpose as well, helping to preserve history and offering insights into military technology and tactics. They can be an engaging way to learn about significant historical events and developments in military engineering.


Military models are collectible items, with some rare or out-of-production kits sought after by collectors. Limited edition releases and models of famous vehicles or vessels can also become valuable over time.

The military models category is a diverse and engaging aspect of the model-making hobby, offering something for everyone, from the casual hobbyist to the dedicated historian. It bridges generations and nations, providing a common ground for appreciation of the complexities and sacrifices of military service, as well as the technological achievements in defence machinery.

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