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WSI Models

WSI Models is a Dutch manufacturer known for its highly detailed die-cast truck, crane, and heavy machinery models, which are prized within the collector community. Specialising in large-scale vehicles typically found in the logistics, construction, and heavy-lifting industries, WSI Models has earned a reputation for precision and quality in the model-making world.

Product Features:

Scale: WSI Models are primarily produced in 1:50 scale, a popular choice for truck and heavy machinery models that allow for a high level of detail and functionality without being too large for display.

Detail: Their models are lauded for their attention to detail, including functioning parts such as articulated trailer sections, movable cranes with extendable booms, and accurate replication of the vehicle interiors and engine components.

Quality: Made from die-cast metal with some plastic components, WSI's products are built to be both realistic and durable, satisfying the exacting standards of collectors.

Variety: The company offers a wide range of models, including European and American trucks, trailers, heavy haulage, cranes, earthmovers, and construction vehicles. They often model real-world vehicles from well-known manufacturers.

Customisation: WSI Models also provides custom model services, allowing businesses and collectors to commission bespoke models in company livery, which is particularly popular for corporate gifts or limited edition collector runs.


Limited Editions: WSI Models often produces limited edition runs that increase the collectability and value of the models.

Packaging: The items are usually packaged in sturdy boxes with protective foam inserts, ensuring the models arrive in mint condition. The boxes also often include information about the real vehicle, adding to the experience for collectors.

Community Engagement: WSI frequently interacts with the collector community through social media, events, and their own museum located in the Netherlands, deepening relationships with enthusiasts and collectors.

Distribution and Availability:

WSI Models has an extensive distribution network, selling through various hobby shops and online retailers around the world. They've also established a visible presence at international toy and model expos.


WSI Models stands out in the market of scale model vehicles for its remarkable combination of high detail, functionality, and breadth of models. Their realistic replicas serve not just as collector's pieces but also as homage to the industries they represent, from transportation to construction. They provide an immersive experience for collectors, allowing them to appreciate the intricacies of these giant machines in a more tangible way.

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