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Vitesse is a brand that specializes in producing die-cast model cars, which are appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts for their combination of detail, quality, and value. They are known for a range of scales, with the 1:43 scale being quite popular.

Product Features:

Scale: Vitesse is particularly recognised for its 1:43 scale models, which is a traditional scale in model car collecting and offers a good balance between detail and size for display.

Detail: Their models typically feature well-detailed exteriors and interiors that replicate the original vehicles with a high degree of accuracy, considering their scale and price point.

Specialisation: The brand has often focused on specific car niches, such as rally cars, classic road cars, and even some more obscure models not widely produced by other manufacturers.

Packaging: Vitesse models are usually presented in clear display cases with a base. Some collectors prefer this type of packaging as it allows them to display the model without exposing it to dust or handling.


Limited Editions: They have produced limited-edition models that are sought after in the secondary market for their collectibility.

Rally and Racing Cars: Vitesse has been particularly notable for its range of rally and racing car models. These are attractive to collectors who follow motorsports or have an affection for the racing history.

Historic Models: For those interested in historic and classic cars, Vitesse offered a range of models that capture the essence of different automotive eras.

Quality and Materials:

Construction: Their models are usually made from die-cast metal with plastic details, which ensures durability as well as a quality appearance.

Attention to Authenticity: Vitesse often includes various markings and badges that are present on the real vehicles, ensuring that even the smallest decals are replicated for authenticity.

Distribution and Availability:

Previously, Vitesse products were distributed globally and available at various dedicated hobby shops and online retailers. They have been known for being accessible to a wide audience, contributing to their popularity among model car enthusiasts.


Vitesse made a name for itself by catering to a segment of the collector market that values detail and authenticity without the high-end price tag. While not as high-fidelity as some premium model manufacturers, Vitesse models are a good compromise between quality and affordability, which makes them appealing for both new hobbyists and veteran collectors who appreciate the history and variety of the automotive world.

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