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True Scale Miniatures

TSM Models, which stands for TrueScale Miniatures, is highly regarded in the diecast and resin model car market for producing a wide variety of high-quality, detailed collectible models. They have made a name for themselves by focusing on precision and accurately scaled replicas that cater to the expectations of discerning collectors.

Emphasis on Diversity and Precision

TSM Models has a diverse portfolio that encompasses a range of vehicles, including classic sports cars, contemporary luxury vehicles, racing legends, and street models. With each model, TSM pays close attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect, from the contours of the body to the dashboard layout, is replicated with utmost accuracy.

Racing Heritage and Street Icons

One of the standout points of TrueScale Miniatures is their range of racing vehicles that have made history in events like Le Mans, the Indy 500, Formula 1, and other racing series. This commitment extends to iconic street cars that have captivated car enthusiasts globally. Their precision in capturing both the spirit and intricacies of these vehicles is well-noted in the collector community.

High-Quality Resin Construction

While TSM Models began by producing mainly diecast models, they have expanded into high-quality resin models, which allow for greater detail and a cleaner finish. Resin models from TSM are typically lighter than diecast but are able to represent more refined and intricate designs, including subtle bodywork and interior details that are harder to achieve with traditional diecast methods.

Collaborations and Exclusivity

TSM Models often collaborates with car manufacturers and racing teams to produce exclusive model lines that are officially licensed and approved. This often gives them access to the original design blueprints and the actual cars for detailed study to create models that are true to the original form in every respect.

Innovative Packaging and Presentation

TrueScale Miniatures takes the presentation of their models seriously. Their packaging is designed to both protect and showcase the models, and is often as beautifully designed as the model cars themselves, adding a premium feel to the opening and display experience for collectors.

Craftsmanship and Collectibility

The fine craftsmanship inherent in TSM models makes them highly collectible. They typically release models in limited quantities, which enhances their desirability and collectible value. Collectors appreciate the blend of fidelity, attention to detail, and sometimes rarity, which can make TSM models a valuable addition to any collection.

Spectrum of Scales

TSM Models offers a range of scales, with a significant presence in the 1:43 and 1:18 markets. They also produce models in other scales, including 1:12 for those desiring larger, more detailed pieces, and 1:64 scale, catering to collectors who prefer smaller, yet still high-quality representations.

Globally Recognised Brand

TrueScale Miniatures has established itself as a globally recognized brand within the diecast and resin model industries. Their reputation for manufacturing models that replicate the real vehicles with a high degree of fidelity makes them popular with collectors worldwide.

Engagement with Collectors

TSM remains engaged with the collector community, participating in trade shows and utilising social media to gauge collector interests and feedback. They often use this feedback to decide on future models and editions, which helps to maintain their relevance in the market.

Adapting and Expanding

TSM Models continues to adapt and expand their offerings, looking for niche markets within the broader world of car enthusiasts. Their passion for the hobby is evident in the quality and variety of their products, making them a favourite among model car enthusiasts and collectors.


In summary, TSM Models is a brand that stands out in the model car industry for its dedication to crafting detailed, precise replicas of a variety of vehicles with a special emphasis on racing cars and iconic street vehicles. Their products are a testament to their commitment to quality, authenticity, and collector satisfaction.

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