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Triple 9

Triple 9 is a brand known in the collectible model car community for producing detailed scale replicas, commonly in the 1:18 and 1:43 scales. The brand focuses on quality and affordability, offering collectors and enthusiasts detailed models that won't necessarily break the bank. Here's a brief overview of what you can typically expect from Triple 9 models:

Product Features:

Scales: Triple 9 predominantly manufactures models in the popular collector scales of 1:18 and 1:43, which allow for a significant level of detail while still being practical for display purposes.

Detail: They are known to pay close attention to the detail of their replicas, ensuring that each model car or vehicle is as close to the original as possible within the constraints of scale and cost.

Material: Triple 9 models are typically made using a combination of die-cast metal and plastic parts, providing durability while still capturing fine details.

Packaging: The models usually come in a clear box or a plastic display case, allowing collectors to view and appreciate the model without the need to open the packaging, thus maintaining the item's condition.

Types of Vehicles:

Triple 9 focuses on a variety of vehicle types, from classic cars to modern vehicles, including:

Iconic road cars from different eras.

Vintage vehicles with historical significance.

Limited edition and concept cars that appeal to a niche segment of collectors.

Occasionally, they may also produce models based on commercial or emergency vehicles.


Affordability: One of the appealing aspects of Triple 9 is their commitment to making model collecting accessible to a wider audience by keeping their products reasonably priced.

Diversity: Their diverse model range can make it an attractive brand for collectors looking to add less commonly produced vehicles to their collections.

Limited Editions: Like many model brands, Triple 9 produces limited-run editions, which can be particularly collectible due to their rarity.


Triple 9 offers collectors well-made, detailed models at a price point that is often more accessible than some premium brands. Their focus on a range of vehicle types and historical models means that they regularly appeal to enthusiasts who are keen to explore a broad swathe of automotive history through model collecting.

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