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Sunstar is a well-regarded brand in the model car industry, particularly noted for its dedication to delivering highly detailed diecast replicas of classic and vintage cars. The company, with its rich expertise in manufacturing precision models, has been catering to the nostalgia and the high demand for authenticity among collectors worldwide.

Focusing on the Classics

Sunstar’s mainstay has been its focus on classic cars, primarily from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. Enthusiasts of this golden era of motoring find a lot to admire in Sunstar's offerings, which often include models of vehicles that epitomize the design and engineering triumphs of their days. They have a particular affinity for American classics, offering a wide range of models from this period in automotive history.

Scale and Detail Synergy

Offering a range of scales, with 1:18 being particularly prominent, Sunstar merges size with intricate detail, allowing for deep appreciation of the vehicles' design cues. Features such as operational steering, openable doors, hoods, and sometimes even convertible tops make their models stand out. The interiors and engines are replicated with remarkable accuracy, often incorporating functionally moving parts which delight collectors.

High Quality in Every Model

Quality is a hallmark of Sunstar models. Collectors have come to expect a certain level of finish and durability from the brand, with high-quality paint jobs, well-fitted parts, and attention to the minutiae of badges, trims, and other vehicle specifics that enthusiasts love to see.

Worldwide Appeal

While Sunstar has a significant number of American classics, their catalog isn't limited to them. They produce models of European classics, buses, and other vehicles that have global appeal, acknowledging the diverse interests of model car collectors around the world.

Accurate Replicas of Racing History

Sunstar also delves into racing history, producing models of rally and track cars that have made their mark on motorsports. These models pay tribute to the performance and spirit of the racing world, capturing moments of glory and the vehicles that achieved them.

Presentation and Packaging

Understanding that presentation can be as important as the model itself, Sunstar takes great care in the packaging of their products. The boxes not only protect the models during transit but also serve as attractive display cases for collectors who are mindful of preserving their collectibles in mint condition.

Continuous Expansion of Collections

The Sunstar range is ever-expanding, with new additions regularly announced. The continuous expansion keeps the brand relevant and exciting for collectors who are always on the lookout for new, detailed representations of historical automobiles to add to their collections.

Value for Collectors

For many collectors, Sunstar models represent a sweet spot between high-detail and reasonable pricing, making them accessible to a wider audience. Their models are often praised for offering excellent value for money, considering the level of detail and quality provided.

Engagement with the Collector Community

Sunstar recognises the importance of its community and often takes cues from collectors about what models to produce next. This responsiveness to market demand and trends ensures that their product lines remain fresh and highly anticipated.

Collector's Brand of Choice

For many in the collectible car model community, Sunstar has become a brand of choice, thanks to its commitment to producing beautiful, detailed models of beloved classic cars. Their ability to evoke the nostalgia and splendour of past automotive eras makes them a respected name among connoisseurs of diecast replicas.


Sunstar Models, with their emphasis on detailed craftsmanship, a diverse range of classic vehicles, and a commitment to collector satisfaction, continue to play an important role in the world of model car collecting. They provide not just replicas but pieces of history, allowing collectors to own and cherish a tangible piece of the automotive past. Whether displayed on a shelf or as part of a more extensive collection, Sunstar models stand as a proud celebration of automotive heritage.

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