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Solido is a storied brand in the model car industry, renowned for creating high-quality diecast models that strike a balance between accuracy, detail, and affordability. Throughout its history, Solido has consistently appealed to both enthusiastic hobbyists and casual collectors, offering an array of vehicles that encapsulates both classic and contemporary automobiles.

Heritage of Durability and Precision

Solido established its reputation by producing solid, durable models that could withstand the play of children while still being detailed enough to satisfy collectors. This balance has become a defining characteristic of the brand, cultivating a loyal following among those who appreciate the combination of sturdiness and detail.

Expansive Model Selection

Solido's selection is expansive and inclusive, featuring everything from iconic vintage cars to modern supercars, military vehicles, and everything in between. This variety ensures that there is something in Solido's catalog to ignite the passion of any car enthusiast, regardless of their particular automotive interest.

Exceptional Value

One of the most notable aspects of Solido is the exceptional value they offer. They manage to provide models with a high level of detail at price points that are approachable for a wide range of collectors. This approach has positioned Solido as a premier brand for those looking to start their collection without compromising on the quality of their acquisitions.

Adaptable Product Lines

Solido has adeptly evolved its product lines over the years to keep pace with changing collector tastes and trends. They have moved from simple, rugged models suitable for children's play to more sophisticated pieces that cater to adult collectors, all the while retaining their commitment to affordability and quality.

Authenticity in Reproduction

The brand prides itself on authenticity, recreating vehicles with accurate bodywork, interiors, and liveries. Collectors appreciate the faithful replication of real-world vehicles that Solido models represent, capturing the essence of the originals in scaled-down form.

Global Automotive Celebration

Solido doesn't limit itself to replicating models from any single region or era. Its catalog celebrates the global automotive industry, featuring American muscle cars, European sports cars, Asian daily drivers, and historically significant automobiles from around the world.

Detailed Yet Robust Design

Despite their detailed designs, Solido models maintain a level of robustness that makes them suitable for more than just static display—they are built to be handled, inspected, and appreciated up close. This hands-on robustness is a carryover from their origins and continues to be valued by collectors.

Engagement and Community

Solido actively engages with its community of collectors, seeking feedback and suggestions for future models. They understand that the heart of their brand is the community that supports them, and they strive to nurture this relationship through social media, collector clubs, and attendance at model car fairs and expos.

Fulfilling Collector Aspirations

Solido not only seeks to fulfil the aspirations of car collectors but also to inspire new generations to take up the hobby. By producing models that are accessible yet detailed, they ensure the continuation of model car collecting as a popular and enduring pastime.

Legacy and Innovation

The legacy of Solido in the model car industry is one of innovation and adaptation. With an eye on the future, they continue to innovate, incorporating new manufacturing techniques and materials to enhance the quality and detail of their models, all while staying true to their brand promise of durability and affordability.


Solido exemplifies a balance in the model car world: offering models that are both collector-worthy and suitable for a wide audience. Whether it's a beautifully detailed model of a French classic or a rugged representation of modern engineering, each Solido model is a testament to a legacy of quality and a commitment to the joy of car collecting. With Solido, collectors can enjoy a piece of automotive history that is built to last and designed to delight.

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