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Shelby Collectibles

Shelby Collectibles is a brand of die-cast collectible models created by Carroll Shelby to commemorate the legacy of Shelby American cars. The brand produces detailed replicas of the high-performance vehicles associated with Carroll Shelby, including various versions of the iconic Shelby Cobra, Shelby Mustang, and Ford GT40, which are renowned for their history in American motorsport, particularly in races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Product Characteristics

Scale: Shelby Collectibles offers models primarily in 1:18 and 1:64 scales. The 1:18 scale models are particularly noted for their detailed engines, interiors, and accurate bodywork.

Detail: The models include features like opening doors, hoods, and trunks, allowing collectors to appreciate the meticulous engine and interior details. They are cherished for their precise liveries, decals, and paint finishes that mirror the original race cars and street-legal versions of these performance vehicles.

Material: These models are typically made from die-cast metal with plastic components, giving them durability and a high-quality feel.

Packaging: Their products are presented in clear window boxes that both protect the model and allow for display by collectors who prefer to maintain their items in mint condition within their original packaging.


Shelby Collectibles models have a strong following among car enthusiasts and model collectors, particularly:

Fans of American muscle cars and the history of Shelby American.

Collectors looking to celebrate the achievements of Carroll Shelby in motorsport.

Individuals who are enthusiasts of the classic look and performance symbolised by these iconic cars.

Availability and Pricing

Shelby Collectibles are distributed internationally and are available at various price points, making them relatively accessible to a broad audience. The pricing often reflects the quality and detail of each model, and certain limited edition models may become valuable collectibles.

Legacy and Community

Collectors of Shelby Collectibles are part of a community that appreciates the legacy of American motorsport. These models often become centerpieces in collections and are a way for fans to connect with the heritage and impact that Carroll Shelby had on the automotive world.


Shelby Collectibles continues the spirit of innovation and performance championed by Carroll Shelby, offering a tangible piece of history for those passionate about the brand and the distinctive vehicles it created. These collectibles honour a racing legend and are a testament to the enduring impact of Shelby on American car culture and motorsport.

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