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Premium Classixxs

Premium Classixxs is a brand that has carved out a distinguished niche in the model car industry with its dedication to producing high-quality collectible vehicles. The brand's name itself is a declaration of its commitment to premium quality and classic subjects, appealing to a broad range of collectors who are drawn to the nostalgic allure and historical significance imbued in each model.

A Look Back in Time with Modern Craftsmanship

What sets Premium Classixxs apart is their ability to bring vintage and classic cars to life with a level of modern craftsmanship that captures the very essence of these historic vehicles. Meticulous attention to period-accurate details, such as authentic colour schemes, historically correct interiors, and accurate body styling, ensures that each model is true to its original.

Masterful Replicas across Varied Scales

Premium Classixxs caters to a diverse audience by offering models in a variety of scales. From 1:12 scale models that provide ample room for incredible detail and presence to the more commonly collected 1:43 scale perfect for display cases and desktops, there is something for every level of collector. The brand's focus on a hands-on approach ensures that every model, regardless of scale, meets their stringent quality standards.

Iconic Vehicle Selection

The brand's portfolio includes an array of carefully selected vehicles that have left an indelible mark on automotive history. Premium Classixxs is known for choosing models that resonate with emotional significance and historical importance—from the legendary race cars that dominated circuits to the passenger vehicles that became cultural icons of their time.

Special Attention to German Engineering

While Premium Classixxs celebrates international automotive history, they have a noted affinity for German engineering—bringing models like the Volkswagen Bulli and various Porsche classics to the forefront of their collection. This emphasis allows collectors to journey through the milestones of Germany's rich automotive narrative.

Limited Production Runs for Collectability

To maintain exclusivity and collectability, Premium Classixxs often releases models in limited production runs. These low-volume series not only enhance the desirability of the models but also make each purchase feel personalised and unique to the collector, adding a layer of investment potential to the intrinsic value of the models.

A Tangible Experience

Collectors admire the tangible nature of Premium Classixxs models. The weight and solidity of each car reinforce the quality of the materials used, providing a satisfying experience both in hand and on display. Doors that hinge open, detailed engine compartments, and accessories like removable luggage or car covers offer an interactive element that many collectors cherish.

Elevating the Collector's Ambiance

Beyond the models themselves, Premium Classixxs understands the importance of presentation. The packaging and display cases designed for their models are crafted to complement and enhance the collector's experience. The thought put into these external aspects showcases the brand's holistic approach to delivering a premium product.

Active Community Engagement

Premium Classixxs engages with their community of loyal collectors, whose feedback often influences upcoming models and series. The brand's appreciation for its community is evident through their presence at collector shows, social media interaction, and responsiveness to customer inquiries and suggestions.

Strong Commitment to Quality

Quality control is a keystone for Premium Classixxs, and their models undergo rigorous inspection to ensure that each is free from defects and meets their high standards. This devotion to quality further cements the confidence that collectors place in the brand's reliability and reputation.

Enduring Collectible Appeal

In the pantheon of model car collecting, Premium Classixxs models hold their value over time, not just in monetary terms but as pieces of history that are preserved and cherished. It's no wonder that for many in the hobby, the acquisition of a Premium Classixxs model is a notable event, marking the addition of another storied vehicle to their personal collection.


The ethos of Premium Classixxs is reflected in each model they produce: a celebration of automotive history through premium quality collectibles. Their dedication to accuracy, selection of iconic models, and commitment to the collector community ensures that each release is met with anticipation and joy. For those who bring a Premium Classixxs model into their lives, it's not just a new piece in their collection; it's an embodiment of classic charm and timeless allure that will be admired for generations to come.

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