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Otto Mobile and its associated brand GT Spirit specialise in high-quality resin model cars, revered in the collecting community for their lifelike replicas that provide a tangible connection to automotive enthusiasm. These brands, though catering to somewhat different segments, share a commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and an unparalleled ability to capture the sleek lines and intricate details of some of the most desirable vehicles in existence.

Unmatched Excellence in Resin Modelling

Otto Mobile excels in producing models of iconic cars, particularly those with a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts, such as hot hatches, classic sports cars, and modern performance vehicles. Each model is crafted with an eye for authenticity, replicating the intricate designs and nuances that aficionados seek.

GT Spirit, on the other hand, caters to the high-end market with models that exhibit extraordinary attention to the finest details of luxury and performance cars. Known for limited edition pieces, GT Spirit models often become the centrepiece of collections, admired for their exquisite representation of automotive beauty.

The Artistry of Detail

Both Otto and GT Spirit have mastered the artistry of capturing minute details in resin. From faithfully represented interiors that boast intricate dashboard layouts to engine bays that showcase the powerhouses of these machines, every model reflects the manufacturers' dedication to precision and realism. The paint finishes on these models replicate the luster and depth of real car finishes, contributing to their lifelike appearance.

Catering to the Connoisseur

The offerings from Otto and GT Spirit resonate with car connoisseurs who value not just the overall silhouette but also the story each car tells—whether it's a road-going version of a rally legend or a coupe that's become a cult classic. These models allow enthusiasts to own and display a piece of that narrative in their home or office.

Focused Collections

Otto Mobile is highly regarded for focusing on cars that many other model manufacturers overlook, giving fans of unique and fringe segments of the auto industry something to cherish. Whether it's a rare homologation special or a regional favourite, Otto Mobile endeavours to fill the gaps in collectors' showcases.

GT Spirit, in its stride, consistently brings forward models of luxury and finery that are the dreams of automotive enthusiasts—vehicles that illustrate the pinnacle of design and performance. Their curated selection is often at the forefront of the latest trends, drawing the eyes of collectors worldwide.

The Joy of Limited Editions

By producing limited edition runs, both brands infuse a sense of exclusivity and urgency among their patrons. Collectors are drawn to the idea that owning a piece from Otto or GT Spirit is akin to being part of an exclusive club, where each model is a valued asset reflecting their aesthetic and cultural appreciation of cars.

No Compromise on Quality

The quality of Otto and GT Spirit models is evident through substantial and satisfyingly weighty pieces that convey a premium feel. Both brands pride themselves on delivering models that meet high standards, ensuring that collectors receive value and satisfaction from their investment.

A Community-Centred Approach

Listening to their community, Otto and GT Spirit have built strong relationships with collectors. They are known for engaging with their audience, using feedback to drive the creation of models that people genuinely want. This approach has cultivated a dedicated and active fan base that eagerly anticipates new releases.


The synergy between Otto Mobile and GT Spirit creates a rich tapestry of resin model cars that are coveted in the collecting world. Their creations are celebrated for their beauty, precision, and the sheer joy they bring to those who collect them. Each car is not just a static model but a piece of automotive culture, allowing enthusiasts to own a slice of history and indulge in the delight of collecting vehicles that resonate with their personal stories and passions.

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