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New Ray

New Ray Toys Company Limited, often known as New Ray, is a manufacturer of die-cast and plastic toys established in 1987. They produce an extensive array of affordable model vehicles and playsets, including motorcycles, cars, trucks, airplanes, and construction vehicles. New Ray is known for providing a good balance between detail, quality, and value, catering to both play and collection purposes.

Product Features and Offerings:

Scales: New Ray models come in a variety of scales, with 1:32 and 1:12 being especially popular for their motorcycle models. They also produce 1:24 scale cars and larger scale trucks and semi-trucks.

Motorcycles: They are particularly recognised for their motorcycle models, which include replicas of bikes from manufacturers like Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki.

Vehicles: Beyond motorcycles, their products span across different types of vehicles, including trucks, ATVs, farm equipment, and even aviation models such as commercial airplanes and helicopters.

Detail: While targeting the more affordable segment of the market, New Ray still offers a fair level of detail on their products that satisfies both toy enthusiasts and casual collectors.

Construction: Utilising a mix of die-cast metal and plastic parts, New Ray toys are designed to be durable, making them suitable for children's play as well as for display by collectors.

Price Point: The brand is positioned as providing good value, with prices that are typically lower than high-end collectible models but that offer more detail and realism than budget toy brands.

Collectibility and Playability

Collectors: New Ray's detailed yet affordable models appeal to collectors, especially those interested in expanding their motorcycle model collections without a high investment.

Play Value: The durability and price point of New Ray products make them desirable as toys, providing children with realistic models that can withstand regular play.

Packaging: Their items are often sold in window boxes or on blister cards that showcase the product, which is appealing to collectors who like to display their purchases in the packaging.


New Ray positions itself in the toy and model market as a maker of products that are both collectible and playable. It's a brand that hobbyists and parents might turn to for items that look realistic and are built to last but aren’t as costly as the models made for niche collectors. This balance makes New Ray a popular choice in its sector of the model vehicle market.

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