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Model Car Group

Model Car Group, or MCG, resonates with precision and accessibility within the model car community. Their focus on crafting high-quality diecast models at an affordable price point has positioned them as a favourite among seasoned collectors and newcomers alike. MCG stands out for its broad selection of models that represent a variety of auto manufacturers and eras, ensuring there's something to meet the interest of virtually any car enthusiast.

Embracing a Global Garage

MCG's range is a testament to their commitment to global diversity, including everything from American muscle cars, utilitarian European estates, Soviet sedans, to Asian coupes. This international approach not only offers a rich variety to collectors but also serves to educate and inspire enthusiasm about automotive history and design from around the world.

Attention to Detail

Each MCG model gleams with attention to detail that impresses upon close inspection. The sharpness of the body lines, the fidelity of the badges and insignia, and the authenticity of the wheels and hubcaps are all carefully considered, resulting in models that accurately reflect the real-life vehicles they represent.

Accessible Collecting

MCG has taken up the mantle to provide a line of collectibles that bridges the gap between high-end expenses and the desire for detail. Collectors, regardless of their budget, can indulge in their passion without compromise, thanks to the brand's dedication to manufacturing excellence at a price accessible to a broader audience.

Material Mastery

The materials used in MCG models are selected to achieve the best balance between durability and detail. The use of diecast metal imparts a substantial feel to the models, while plastic components are used strategically to enhance fine detailing, such as in the interiors, light clusters, and complicated grille designs.

Reflecting the Times

What sets MCG apart is their inclination to produce models of cars that reflect the everyday reality of their time. Beyond the high-performance sports cars and luxury vehicles typically found in diecast collections, MCG models include family sedans, wagons, and even vans, vehicles that have been the backbone of daily driving for millions around the globe.

Dynamic Selection

MCG is dynamic with their selection process, consistently introducing new models that keep collectors engaged and surprised. The regular release of new products provides fresh excitement to the hobby and ensures that the brand remains relevant and in tune with the evolving interests of their diverse customer base.

Models with a Story

Every MCG model car is more than a static collectible; it's a narrative piece. The vehicles they choose often come with their own stories, be it the cultural impact they had, their technological advancements, or their iconic status within the automotive scene. Collectors appreciate the opportunity to own and share these stories through their displays.

Affordability Meets Excellence

MCG has successfully found a sweet spot in the diecast model market, creating models that maintain a high level of detail and commitment to accuracy without the premium price tag often found in this hobby. This approach makes the satisfaction of model car collecting accessible to all, which only adds to the value of each piece.

Craftsmanship and Community

The craftsmanship of MCG brings people together; it's about community and shared passion. Collectors of MCG models often find kinship with one another, sharing their admiration for the brand's ability to produce such delightful replicas. For many, the brand not just creates model cars but also fosters relationships among those who hold a deep appreciation for automobile history and model car collecting.


MCG strikes a harmonious chord in the model car world by offering products that combine quality, diversity, and affordability. They have masterfully crafted their brand to cater to varied interests while maintaining a standard that keeps enthusiasts captivated. By recognising and meeting the needs of a vast collector community, MCG continues to steer ahead in the industry, solidifying their reputation as a cherished brand among model car enthusiasts worldwide.

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