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Mini GT is a line of collectible model cars that is known for high-quality, detailed die-cast replicas primarily in 1:64 scale. It's a brand launched by TSM-Model (TrueScale Miniatures), which has an established reputation for making detailed scale model cars in larger scales meant for serious collectors.

Product Features:

Scale: Mini GT specializes in the 1:64 scale, popular among die-cast car collectors due to the balance between detail, affordability, and the ease of collecting and displaying a larger number of models.

Detail: Despite the small scale, Mini GT models are known for having a high level of detail, comparable to what you might find on larger 1:18 or 1:43 scale models. This includes accurate body shapes, precise tampo printing for liveries, and well-appointed interiors.

Realism: The brand aims for realism in its models, whether that be in the replication of race cars with authentic liveries or street cars with true-to-life colours and details.

Packaging: They typically come in a clear plastic box that showcases the model well and keeps it protected, appealing to in-box collectors as well as those who like to display their cars without packaging.

Variety: Mini GT offers a range of vehicles from modern supercars and tuned cars to classic road cars and race cars. They occasionally produce chase variants or limited edition models that are highly sought after by collectors.

Construction: Die-cast metal body with plastic parts is the standard for Mini GT models, just like most high-quality die-cast models, ensuring they are durable as well as intricately detailed.

Price Point: Mini GT models offer a good value for the level of detail they provide, making them an accessible option for new collectors or those looking to expand their collection without a high cost.


Themes: Mini GT frequently themes their releases, like track day cars, street tuned cars, or specific racing events.

Collaborations: They often collaborate with actual car manufacturers and racing teams for special edition releases which are highly collectible.

Limited Runs: Certain models are made in limited quantities, increasing their desirability among collectors.


Mini GT is a brand that has successfully brought the detail and quality of larger scale models to the more conventional and accessible 1:64 scale, catering to the hobbyist and collector market. Its product line appeals to enthusiasts who appreciate the finer details of automobile design and racing heritage, packaged into a compact and collectible form factor.

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