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Matrix Models is a producer of high-end collectible resin model cars. The brand has established itself within the market for those who appreciate fine-detail and limited-run model vehicles. Matrix Models is particularly known for their focus on unique and exotic cars that are often not represented by other model manufacturers.

Specialisation and Craftsmanship

Matrix Models specializes in creating scale models of classic cars, concept cars, and luxury vehicles that are often overlooked by larger manufacturers. Their range includes beautifully detailed reproductions of:

Rare vintage cars

Exclusive luxury limousines

Notable show and concept cars

Distinctive vehicles with significant historical or cultural value

Quality of Production

The company produces its models primarily in resin, which allows for sharp details and complex shapes. The result is a very high-quality finish that accurately represents the finer points of a vehicle's design, including:

Fine exterior detailing, such as precise and clear body lines, intricate grilles, and well-defined headlights.

Detailed interiors that accurately reflect the cabin's layout, upholstery patterns, dashboard configuration, and instrumentation.

Scale and Detail

Matrix Models primarily offers models in the 1:43 scale, catering to a collector base that prefers this size for its balance between detail and display convenience. Each model is usually produced in limited quantities, enhancing their exclusivity and collectible nature.

Packaging and Presentation

Understanding the collector focus, Matrix Models provide their products in premium packaging that ensures the model's safety and allows for decent visibility if collectors prefer to display their models in-box. The packaging typically includes a clear display case and a base that often features the model's name and other pertinent information.

Collector Community

Due to the niche market they serve, Matrix Models is often highlighted in specialty collector circles. Collectors looking for unique and seldom-produced vehicle replicas are their primary audience. The models are perfect for specialised collections that focus on the more esoteric or design-centric aspects of automotive history.


Matrix Models represents an upscale branch of the model car market, appealing to a discerning customer base that values precision, rarity, and a focus on the eclectic side of automotive design and history. Their models are a testament to the varied and often untold stories of automobiledom, captured in miniature with care and skill.

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