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Marge Farm Models

Marge Models is a manufacturer specialising in the realm of agricultural miniature models, renowned for their highly detailed replicas of farming machinery. Their comprehensive range of models is appreciated by both agricultural enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Precision in Replication

Marge Models’ commitment to detail is evident in their craftsmanship. Their models boast intricately replicated features, such as realistic bucket movements on loaders, authentic tire tread patterns on tractors, and meticulously detailed driver's cabins.

Extensive Product Range

The product range from Marge Models covers a wide variety of vehicles and equipment used in modern farming. This includes tractors, combine harvesters, trailers, and a range of agricultural implements from various manufacturers, offered in different scales.

Quality Materials

The use of high-quality materials ensures that the models are not just visually impressive but also tactilely satisfying. Metal components add to the models’ stability and realistic heft, while precision-moulded plastic parts allow for the finest details to be captured.

Popular Collector Scales

Marge Models predominantly produces in collector-friendly scales such as 1:32, an ideal size for capturing intricate details while maintaining easy handling. These models fit seamlessly into the collections of enthusiasts who value consistency in their displays.

Focus on European Brands

A distinctive feature of Marge Models is their focus on European agricultural machinery brands, catering to collectors’ interests in models that are sometimes harder to find on the market.

Community Engagement

Marge Models maintains a close relationship with the collector and enthusiast community. Their presence at trade shows, in online forums, and active participation in the models’ scene reflects their commitment and ensures that their product offerings are continually aligned with collectors' desires.

Global Availability

Thanks to a network of dealers and partners worldwide, Marge Models are internationally accessible, delighting model farming machinery lovers around the globe.

Marge Models offers an exceptional range of agricultural miniatures for collectors who harbour a passion for the agricultural sector and its machinery, and who demand accurate and finely detailed representations.

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