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Maisto is a globally recognised brand in the die-cast toy industry, known for manufacturing highly detailed and affordable scale model vehicles. The company produces a wide range of products, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and aircraft.

Product Line and Scale Variety

Maisto offers models in several scales, the most popular being 1:64, 1:24, and 1:18. They cater not only to collectors but to children and casual enthusiasts as well, striking a balance between detail and playability.

Die-Cast Models: Their die-cast line features a vast selection of car makes and models, from classic to modern and concept cars.

Assembly Line Model Kits: These are DIY kits that allow hobbyists to assemble their own scale model, offering a hands-on experience with the end-result being a display-worthy vehicle.

Special Edition and Exclusive Lines: Maisto produces higher-detail models that appeal to more serious collectors, which often includes unique and collectible vehicles.

Motorcycles: A notable part of Maisto's lineup is their model motorcycles, which include a diverse range of bikes from cruisers to sportbikes.
Accessibility and Affordability

Maisto is known for making scale models more accessible to the general public. While they provide an entry-level option for model vehicle collecting, the quality and detailing are often impressive for the price point, making Maisto a popular choice among those new to the hobby as well as seasoned collectors looking for models of everyday vehicles.


Maisto's scale models often feature opening doors, detailed interiors, working suspension, and steering functionality, particularly in their larger scale models. They manage to offer these features while maintaining affordability, which has earned them a strong position in the market.

Distribution and Licensing

The brand has extensive global distribution and has acquired licenses from major automobile manufacturers, allowing them to produce a wide range of vehicles that accurately represent real-life designs.


Models come in window box packaging that allows for easy viewing of the product, appealing to collectors who prefer to keep their models mint-in-box. More recently, Maisto has moved towards eco-friendly packaging with some of their lines, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

Collectible Series

For collectors, Maisto has special lines like the Maisto Design series that encompass themes like “Outlaws,” for modified vehicles, or “Tow & Go,” pairing vehicles with trailers. There are also limited edition and exclusive models that are sought after by serious collectors.


Maisto provides a substantial range of collectible vehicles that serve as a gateway for many into the world of model collecting. Their models are appreciated for giving a significant level of detail at an affordable price, making them attractive to a wide range of customers, from children who want playable models to adult collectors seeking an expansion to their displays.

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