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Lucky Step

Lucky Step Collectibles is recognised in the model vehicle community for producing finely detailed diecast models, with a focus on classic, vintage, and sometimes obscure vehicles. Their collectibles are often cherished by enthusiasts who appreciate the lesser-known gems of automotive history.

Commitment to Authenticity

Lucky Step Collectibles' reputation is built on a strong commitment to authenticity, producing models that are true to the original design and spirit of the vehicles they represent. Each model is the result of meticulous research and dedication to replicate every aspect of the real vehicle, from the curvature of the body to the patterns on the upholstery.

Diverse and Distinctive Selection

The selection offered by Lucky Step Collectibles is diverse, encompassing a range of classic cars that might include luxury sedans, sports coupes, and convertibles. Their catalog is known for featuring distinctive vehicles that aren't always found in the lineups of other diecast model manufacturers, making Lucky Step a go-to brand for collectors seeking variety and uniqueness.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Using only quality materials, Lucky Step Collectibles' models are crafted with both precision and durability in mind. The diecast metal framework is complemented with finely tuned components, ensuring each piece not only looks accurate but feels substantial.

Scale and Presentation

Typically, Lucky Step Collectibles offers models in popular collector scales such as 1:18 and 1:43, making them a perfect fit for many existing collections and display setups. Models are presented in clear, protective cases that allow for easy viewing from all angles while maintaining the model's pristine condition.

Attention to Detail

It's the attention to detail that elevates Lucky Step models: the functional doors, hoods, and sometimes even trunks; the realistic engine details; and the true-to-life interiors complete with readable gauges and operational steering. This attention to fine features is what makes their models stand out as display pieces.

Collector Community Involvement

Aiding in the appeal of Lucky Step Collectibles is the company's involvement with the collector community. Through active participation in collector shows, conventions, and online forums, they maintain a close relationship with their customer base, which helps in understanding and catering to the evolving interests of collectors.

Global Accessibility

Ensuring that collectors around the world have access to their diverse range of models, Lucky Step Collectibles works with international distributors and retailers. Their global footprint means that a collector in any corner of the world can enjoy the rich automotive history that Lucky Step brings to life.

Lucky Step Collectibles serves as a treasure trove for collectors who are passionate about automotive history and craftsmanship. Their models are not just simple replicas; they are a celebration of the cars that have left a distinctive mark on the automotive landscape.

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