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Looksmart Models is a brand known for creating high-quality resin model cars with a focus on sports and luxury vehicles, particularly specialising in meticulously detailed scale replicas of modern and classic automobiles. Their products are favoured by serious collectors due to their precision, exclusiveness, and the broad variety of models from prestigious automotive brands.

Precision and Detailing

Looksmart Models are handcrafted with an emphasis on capturing the fine details and lines of the original vehicles. They're known for:

High level of detail in exterior design elements, down to the smallest badges and vents.

Authentic interior replication, capturing the aesthetics of dashes, seats, and even the smallest controls.

Precise paintwork and finishes that reflect the colour schemes and styles of the actual cars.

Scale Variations

The models are primarily available in 1:43 scale, which is a common scale for model cars that balances detail with display convenience. They also produce models in larger scales like 1:18, which allows for even more intricate details to be replicated.

Material Quality

Resin is Looksmart's material of choice, providing a superior surface finish to die-cast options and allowing for more accurate and complex shapes. This material choice is integral to the company's ability to produce models with precise detailing.

Range of Models

Looksmart's catalog includes:

High-performance sports cars.
Limited edition luxury vehicles.
Iconic cars from motorsport history.
Special concept cars that have appeared at international auto shows.

They work closely with car manufacturers to ensure that each model is true to the original's design and specifications. This collaboration often involves access to the vehicles, engineering data, and paint codes, which is critical to the fidelity and accuracy of the models.


Similar to other high-end model manufacturers, Looksmart produces limited runs of each model, which enhances their collectability and appeal. Collectors highly prize these models and often regard them with investment potential given their limited availability and high demand.

Packaging and Display

Looksmart models often come with elegant packaging suitable for display that matches the premium nature of the models themselves. The packaging is designed to protect the model, which is crucial as resin can be more fragile than die-cast metal.

Collectors' Community

The Looksmart brand caters to a discerning collector community appreciative of fine craftsmanship and automotive beauty. Owners of Looksmart models often share a deep passion for the automotive industry and the art of scale model collecting.


Overall, Looksmart Models stand out in the model car market for their focus on craftsmanship, exacting standards, and their collaboration with car manufacturers to perfectly replicate their subjects in scale form. These models are as much a celebration of automotive art and design as they are representative collectibles for enthusiasts around the world.

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