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Kyosho is a well-established Japanese manufacturer of radio-controlled cars, helicopters, and boats, as well as highly detailed die-cast model cars. Founded in 1963, Kyosho has a long-standing reputation for quality and innovation within the hobbyist community.

Radio-Controlled Models

Kyosho is one of the leaders in the RC (radio-controlled) industry, offering a variety of vehicles that appeal to both beginners and experienced users. Their selection includes:

Off-road and on-road vehicles
Monster trucks
Mini-Z series, which are mini RC cars popular for indoor racing
Drones and helicopters
RC boats
Kyosho RC models are known for their high-performance capabilities, durability, and cutting-edge technology. They routinely push the envelope in design and functionality, attempting to offer a realistic driving experience to their customers.

Die-Cast Models

In addition to RC vehicles, Kyosho has an acclaimed line of die-cast models. These models are prized for their exceptional detail and accuracy. Some notable features of Kyosho die-cast models include:

Precision: Models feature precise bodywork and well-detailed interiors.

Scale: Most Kyosho die-cast models are in the 1:18 and 1:64 scales.

Finish: These models often have a high-quality paint finish and accurate branding and badging that match the real vehicles.

Material: Kyosho uses a combination of materials, including die-cast metal and plastic parts, to balance durability and detail.

Functional Elements: Some models feature opening doors, hoods, and functional steering systems.

Kyosho models cater to collectors and automobile enthusiasts who value the meticulous representation of vehicles in miniature form. Their product range is extensive, encompassing classic and contemporary models, luxe sedans, sports cars, and iconic racing cars.

Collector's Market

Kyosho’s die-cast models are not only popular among general collectors but also sought after by those who specialiSe in specific brands, as Kyosho often has licensing agreements with leading car manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and others. Kyosho's commitment to detail and scale accuracy makes their models stand out as premium collectibles on the market.

Packaging and Presentation

Kyosho models are generally packaged in a way that reflects their premium brand positioning. They are boxed in sturdy and attractive packaging, protecting the model and offering a good unboxing experience for collectors.


Regardless of whether it’s through their RC vehicles or die-cast models, Kyosho has firmly entrenched itself as a favoUrite among hobbyists and collectors. The brand's dedication to quality and its high standards for replication ensure that it remains a prestigious name in the realm of model collectibles and radio-controlled vehicles.

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