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IXO Models has made a remarkable impression in the world of diecast replicas, known for providing a vast array of automobiles that cater to the tastes of diverse collectors. Specialising in both historic and contemporary models, IXO has forged a reputation for excellence in representing automotive history in detailed miniature form.

Wide-Ranging Collection

IXO's catalogue is a mirror to the automotive industry's expansive heritage, featuring classic cars that have graced the world's roads and racetracks over the decades. From vintage vehicles that evoke a sense of nostalgia to modern marvels that embody cutting-edge design and technology, IXO commits to a breadth of coverage that few brands can match.

Attention to Authenticity

The precision of IXO models is evident in each meticulously crafted piece. Every vehicle is produced with an unwavering attention to authenticity, capturing the essence of the original in scale form. This commitment has garnered IXO a dedicated following among those who appreciate the smallest details—from accurate badges and grills to faithfully rendered interiors.

A Global Pursuit

IXO's dedication extends beyond any single type of car or era. Their selection features global automotive marvels, embracing the full spectrum of car culture. One can find a French classic like the Citroën DS alongside the rugged American Ford Crown Victoria police cruiser, reflecting IXO's passion for diversity.

Historical Significance

With IXO, collecting is more than a hobby; it's a journey through time. Each model is a slice of history, representing the innovation and artistry of its period. Enthusiasts can revel in the evolution of automotive design, technology, and performance as chronicled through IXO's offerings.

Rally and Racing Heritage

IXO has a robust presence in the realm of rally and racing models, giving fans a tangible connection to the adrenaline and challenge of motorsports. These replicas capture the dynamism and spirit of competition, featuring race-tuned aerodynamics, livery, and sponsor decals—hallmarks of vehicles that have competed and triumphed on tracks and rally stages alike.

Affordable Quality

One of the key attributes of IXO Models is their focus on providing high-quality collectibles at accessible prices. While some diecast brands cater exclusively to the high-end collector's market, IXO strikes a balance, offering a level of craftsmanship that exceeds expectations for their price point, making the joy of collecting available to a wider audience.

Durability and Display

IXO models are not only renowned for their beauty; they are also known for their durability. Constructed to withstand the test of time, these collectibles are as suitable for display in a showcase as they are prepared for the scrutiny and handling by collectors who appreciate the tactile experience of their hobby.

Seasonal Releases and Limited Editions

The excitement surrounding new IXO releases is a testament to the brand's innovation. Seasonal releases and limited editions mean collectors are always on the lookout for the latest model that will not only enhance their collection but could become a sought-after item in the future.

A Gift of Memories

Presenting an IXO model can be a deeply personal gift that touches on the memories and emotions tied to a particular vehicle. For some, it might be a reminder of a family car once owned, or for others, a token of admiration for the engineering marvels they dream of driving.

Dedication to the Collector

IXO understands the collector's mindset and caters to it, not just through the variety and quality of their products but also in the way they engage with the community. They listen to the enthusiasts, often releasing models in response to popular demand and celebrating the shared passion that fuels the hobby.


IXO stands as more than a manufacturer of model cars; they are storytellers who bring to life the rich tapestry of automotive evolution, enabling collectors to own and appreciate pieces of a history defined by speed, design, and progression. Their diverse range, meticulous detail, and commitment to the community continue to drive their success and the satisfaction of those who collect their models.

In summary, an IXO model is not merely a representation; it is a homage to the legacy of the automotive world, an artefact that ignites nostalgia, and a beacon for enthusiasts who celebrate the diverse and historic paths of the automobile industry.

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