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Hasegawa Corporation is a Japanese company that is highly regarded in the scale model community for producing detailed plastic model kits. Established in the 1940s, the company started as a manufacturer of wooden teaching materials and toys. Eventually, it shifted focus towards plastic models, especially after the plastic model boom in the 1960s.

Product Range

Hasegawa is most well-known for its scale model aircraft kits, which are renowned for their accuracy and detail. The company also produces a wide range of models including ships, cars, military vehicles, and science fiction subjects, like the “Space Cruiser Yamato” series.

Scale and Detail

Hasegawa's kits are available in various scales, with aircraft models commonly offered in 1:72, 1:48, and 1:32 scales. They are appreciated for their high level of fidelity to the original subjects, with well-defined panel lines, accurate profiles, and detailed cockpits and landing gear.

Engineering and Fit

The brand is known for the quality of its engineering, with kits that have parts that fit together well, minimising the need for extensive modifications or putty to achieve a high-quality finish.

Limited Edition Kits

Hasegawa frequently releases limited edition kits with unique decals, liveries or marking options that appeal to collectors and modellers who enjoy building a specific theme or variant of a subject.

Commitment to New Releases

Despite having many classic kits in their catalog, Hasegawa has an ongoing commitment to releasing new toolings that reflect both historical subjects and the latest advancements in aviation and other areas.

Target Audience

While Hasegawa kits can range from relatively simple to build to extremely complex, they are often aimed towards experienced modellers due to the level of detail and the precision required during assembly.

Instruction Quality

The instructions included with Hasegawa kits are generally clear and concise, with careful attention to painting guides and decal placement, which is particularly important for models with complex liveries like commercial airliners or WWII aircraft.

Aftermarket Support

The modelling community has developed a strong aftermarket segment for Hasegawa kits, with many companies producing decals, resin upgrades, photo-etched parts, and conversion kits that allow modellers to customise or enhance their Hasegawa models.

Hasegawa's commitment to quality has made it a favourite brand among scale model enthusiasts worldwide. Its kits provide the foundation for accurate replicas of the original subjects and are a canvas for modellers to refine their skills and produce detailed scale models with historical significance or personal meaning. Whether for a modeller's personal enjoyment or for display in competitions and collections, Hasegawa models are a testament to the beauty and intricacy of scaled representations.

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