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ESVAL Models is a manufacturer known within the scale model community for producing high-quality, limited edition resin models of vintage and classic automobiles that are often overlooked by other model producers. Their model cars are celebrated for capturing the elegance and unique characteristics of rare and distinctive vehicles from the early 20th century to the mid-century period.

Product Offering and Specialty

ESVAL Models specializes in crafting 1:43 and 1:18 scale models that cater to passionate collectors of uncommon and classic vehicles. Their range commonly includes luxury sedans, coupes, convertibles, and other vehicles from lesser-known marques or special editions from more recognised brands. ESVAL shines a light on models that did not typically see mass production, including prototypes and concept cars that never made it to the larger consumer market.

Detail and Accuracy

ESVAL's commitment to detail is observable in the hand-finished models they produce. Their models often feature precise bodywork, accurately represented interiors with real-life colour schemes, and fine details such as chrome trim, grillwork, and badges that reflect the vehicles’ specific time periods.

Manufacturing and Material Quality

Using resin as the primary material allows ESVAL Models to create shapes and details that might not be feasible with traditional die-cast methods. Resin casting produces a high-quality finish and can accurately replicate the complex curves and features of vintage cars. Each model is often made in small batch series, contributing to the quality control and exclusivity of the product.

Exclusivity and Collectibility

The limited production runs of ESVAL Models make each piece a sought-after collectible. Combined with the rarity of the vehicle types they are replicating, each model is not just a display piece but is also valued as a potential investment. Collectors appreciate ESVAL models for their ability to fill niches within their collections that other manufacturers have not addressed.


In keeping with the premium nature of their products, ESVAL Models typically features high-quality packaging that protects the model and provides an elegant presentation. This packaging often matches the luxury and exclusivity of the vehicle inside, making it an appealing addition to any display.

Community and Engagement

ESVAL taps into a niche community of collectors, often engaging with them to determine which vehicles to reproduce next. They hold a respected place within collector circles for their choice of subjects, the quality of their products, and their willingness to listen to the enthusiasts they serve.


For collectors who relish the rarity and the history behind the unusual and the magnificent, ESVAL Models offers an exquisite gateway to owning a piece of automotive history. Their models serve as a bridge between the past's automotive achievements and present-day collectors, embodying the spirit of innovation and luxury of bygone eras. Whether appreciated purely for their aesthetics or valued for their historic significance, ESVAL’s resin models are treasures within the world of collectible model cars.

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