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Dealer Models

Dealer models are a unique and specific type of collectible scale model car typically made available through automobile dealerships. They are high-quality replicas of the current models of cars that manufacturers are selling at their dealerships. These models serve several purposes, from promotional items to collectibles for automotive enthusiasts.

Characteristics of Dealer Models

Scale and Detail: Dealer models are usually made to specific scales, with 1:18 and 1:43 being some of the most common. They are highly detailed, often featuring accurate interiors, real-working doors, hoods, trunks, and sometimes even engine details.

Exclusivity: These models are often produced in limited quantities and are sometimes given only to clients who purchase a vehicle from the dealership. This exclusivity can make certain dealer models highly sought after by collectors.

Promotional Items: Car dealerships use these models as promotional tools and gifts to customers. They're also used in showrooms to attract potential buyers and provide a tangible representation of the car that customers might be interested in.

Quality and Authenticity: Dealer models are generally of higher quality than standard off-the-shelf die-cast models as they are often used as marketing tools by the car manufacturer. They are made to be as accurate as possible to serve as an extension of the car brand itself.

Branding: These models are made with the full cooperation of the car brand, allowing for use of the official logos, paint colours, and design cues. This makes them very attractive for collectors who want the most authentic representation of a particular marque.

Manufacturer Partnerships: Companies that produce dealer models usually work closely with car manufacturers. Some well-known producers of dealer models include Kyosho, AutoArt, and Minichamps, known for their high quality and precision.

Collectible Value

Dealer models can become valuable collector’s items, not only due to their quality and detail but also because they are often not available for sale to the general public. This can lead to a high demand among model car enthusiasts and collectors. The value of dealer models can increase over time, especially if the real car becomes iconic or the model was produced in a very limited run.


Dealer models typically come in branded packaging that aligns with the vehicle manufacturer's branding. The boxes are designed to be displayable in a showroom setting, providing an extra layer of brand authenticity and making them attractive for displays at home or in an office.


While these models may primarily be available through dealerships, they can also be found at specialty online retailers, auctions, collector shows, and sometimes in the secondary market, where collectibles are bought and sold.


Dealer models stand out as premium collectibles that encapsulate the beauty and specificity of a manufacturer's current lineup. For the avid collector, these models offer a slice of motoring culture that represents the very best of scale model authenticity and collectability, often becoming a treasured piece of their collection.

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