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Corgi Toys is a British company founded in 1956, which became famous for producing die-cast toy vehicles, including cars, lorries, and buses. The company initially started under the name Mettoy Playcraft Ltd. in the 1930s but later developed the Corgi brand, which gained prominence and affection in the mid-20th century.

Iconic Models and Innovations

Corgi is renowned for its range of iconic vehicles, such as the James Bond Aston Martin DB5, complete with an ejector seat, which became one of the best-selling toys of 1964. Over the years, Corgi has crafted models based on popular culture, TV shows, and movies, offering a diverse catalog that includes everything from the Batmobile to the Beatles' Yellow Submarine.

Their models also often featured innovative designs for the time, such as windows and detailed interiors. These innovations set Corgi apart in the marketplace and contributed to the brand's strong presence in the minds of collectors and young automotive enthusiasts alike.

Collector and Limited Edition Models

While Corgi started as a toy company, it has expanded its repertoire to include high-quality collectible models aimed at adult enthusiasts. These highly detailed models often commemorate historical events, such as World War II aircraft, or celebrate classic and contemporary vehicles such as buses and emergency service vehicles.

Corgi's collector range often involves limited edition releases, complete with numbered certificates to guarantee authenticity. These limited runs and special editions have only added to the collectible nature of Corgi models.

Packaging and Presentation

Corgi models are known for their distinctive boxes, often with clear window displays or attractive artwork. For collectors, the packaging is almost as important as the model itself, as it adds to the display quality and the nostalgia of the piece.

Corgi Aviation Archive

Apart from ground vehicles, Corgi also has an impressive selection of die-cast aircraft models within the "Corgi Aviation Archive" line. These models represent a wide array of historical planes, from World War I biplanes to modern jet fighters, and are prized for their accuracy and detail.

Legacy and Influence

Throughout its history, Corgi has made a remarkable impact on the die-cast model industry. Its innovations, attention to detail, and cultural tie-ins have endeared it to generations of collectors. The brand underwent periods of intense competition and market changes, which led to changes in ownership and strategy. However, the value of its legacy models from the golden era of the '60s and '70s remains high among collectors worldwide.

Modern Corgi

Today, Corgi continues to produce models, including a line called Vanguards, targeted at adult collectors, which features classic British cars and has found a niche among those who hold a particular fondness for these vehicles. While the brand maintains its traditional base by producing high-quality collectible toys, it has successfully transitioned to appeal to contemporary collectors, ensuring its ongoing relevance in the global collectible market.


Corgi's commitment to capturing the essence of vehicular history and pop culture, coupled with its ability to innovate and adapt to changing collectors' trends, ensures that it remains one of the most cherished model brands. Whether through the nostalgia of its vintage toys or the precision of its modern collectibles, Corgi continues to delight enthusiasts and collectors around the world.

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