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CMR (Classic Model Replicars) is a brand known in the model car market for producing detailed die-cast and resin scale models at more accessible price points compared to some ultra-high-end manufacturers. CMR focuses on both classic and modern vehicles, giving collectors the opportunity to own replicas of their favourite cars without the premium price tag that is often associated with such detailed models.

Scale and Detail

CMR models are commonly produced in the 1:18 and 1:43 scales, which are among the most popular sizes for model car collectors. These scales provide a good balance between detail and display-ability, allowing for significant detail without the model taking up too much space.

Their products often boast a level of detail that includes well-crafted interiors, accurately reproduced engine bays, and true-to-life chassis. CMR provides clear and tinted parts where appropriate, realistic wheels and tires, and well-applied decals and badges to replicate the car's livery or branding effectively.

Diverse Selection of Models

The range of CMR's offerings is quite broad and features models from various categories such as:

Racing cars, including famous Le Mans participants and Formula 1 cars.
Classic road cars that hold a special place in automotive history.
Modern supercars and hypercars that are the dreams of many car enthusiasts.
Historic cars significant for their technological or design contributions to the automotive world.
Material Use and Production Techniques

CMR uses both die-cast metal and resin in their model production. Die-cast models tend to have functional parts such as opening doors and hoods, while resin models are usually sealed with a high focus on exterior detailing. The production techniques ensure that the models achieve a delicate balance between strength and refinement.

Availability and Accessibility

One of the distinct advantages of CMR models is their accessibility; they are more readily available to the wider market. Their products are often found in hobby stores, online marketplaces, and from model car dealers, making them an attractive option for those looking to start a collection or for more seasoned collectors wanting to expand their collection without significant financial outlay.

Packaging and Presentation

CMR models are typically presented in clear window boxes or cases which makes them suitable for display straight away. This type of packaging protects the model while still allowing for visibility from multiple angles, an attractive aspect for those who wish to display their models without the risk of dust accumulation or other damage.

The Collector's Appeal

For many collectors, the appeal of CMR models lies not just in their affordability but also in the brand's ability to capture the essence of each car in a tangible form. While they may not have the same level of obsessive detail as the most expensive model cars on the market, the quality and accuracy of CMR models make them a highly revered brand among many in the collecting community.


CMR stands out for offering a wide variety of quality model cars that capture the spirit and detail of both classic and modern vehicles at a price point that is accessible to more enthusiasts. Their models serve as a testament to automotive history and design, making them a valued addition to any model car collector’s showcase.

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