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Classic Construction Models (CCM) is a premium model company that specializes in creating highly detailed, limited edition scale models of construction equipment and machinery. Their replicas often focus on historic and contemporary heavy equipment vehicles used in construction, excavation, mining, and other related industries.

Attention to Detail

A standout feature that distinguishes CCM's models is the extraordinary attention to detail. These models are celebrated for their accuracy in replication, from the intricate paintwork to the functionality of moving parts. Collectors can expect to see realistic hydraulic lines, grab rails, bolt heads, and even working replicas of machinery components such as engines and hydraulics.

Scale and Precision

Common scales for CCM models include 1:24, 1:48, and 1:87. Each scale model is designed to showcase both the form and functionality of the actual equipment, with pieces often being designed in collaboration with the original equipment manufacturers to ensure authenticity. This meticulous approach to scale modelling ensures that the models are faithful to the original design specifications and engineering.

Diverse Product Range

CCM’s product range encompasses a broad array of machinery, from vintage cable excavators and track-type tractors to modern hydraulic mining shovels and off-highway trucks. Each model is crafted to celebrate the legacy and innovation of construction machinery throughout different periods, showcasing the evolution of design and technology in the industry.

Material Quality

The construction models are usually made of brass or die-cast metal, providing both weight and solidity. This choice of materials contributes to the models feeling substantial and durable, much like the real machines they replicate. The materials also allow for a level of detail that reflects the ruggedness and complexity of construction machinery.

Limited Editions for Collectors

In addition to their precision, Classic Construction Models produces limited edition runs, enhancing the exclusivity and collectible nature of their models. Each piece comes with a serial number, and often, production is capped to a specific number of units, turning these models into sought-after collectibles that can appreciate in value over time.

Display and Collectibility

Presented with professional-grade packaging, these models are ready to be displayed right out of the box. They often become the centrepiece of a collection and are showcased in display cases in homes, offices, and exhibitions. Due to their limited production, detailed craftsmanship, and historical interest, CCM models can be regarded as an investment as well as a collector's item.

Community and Legacy

CCM has cultivated a passionate community of collectors who appreciate the history and machinery of the construction industry. The company’s dedication to their craft contributes to preserving the history of construction equipment, much of which has had a significant impact on engineering feats and infrastructure development worldwide.


For model enthusiasts, hobbyists, and history buffs, Classic Construction Models offers a window into the world of construction machinery through their beautifully crafted and highly detailed replicas. Their models are a testament to significant engineering achievements and serve as a bridge connecting enthusiasts to the fascinating world of construction equipment and its history.

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