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BBR Models

BBR Models is an Italian company that specializes in creating high-end, premium model cars. Known for their exquisite detail and craftsmanship, these models are generally aimed at discerning collectors who seek the highest levels of accuracy and exclusivity.

Product Characteristics

Scales: BBR Models typically produces models in 1:43 and 1:18 scale, which are standard collector scales that offer an excellent balance between size and detail. They have also been known to produce models in larger scales, such as 1:12.

Material: While many model cars are die-cast, BBR Models often uses resin, a material that allows for sharper details and smoother surfaces. Although resin models do not usually feature opening parts, this material enables BBR to achieve a level of detail that's difficult with traditional die-cast methods.

Detail: BBR is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail. Models often include intricate features such as photo-etched parts, fine decals, accurately replicated interiors, and precisely detailed engines (viewable through clear parts when present).

Packaging: High-quality packaging is standard for BBR models, often including a display case which allows collectors to showcase the model without worrying about dust or handling.

Collectibility and Exclusivity

Limitation: Many BBR models are released in limited numbers, which makes them particularly collectible and, in some cases, increases their value over time.

Series: BBR releases models in a number of series, focusing on a particular type or era of car, like modern supercars, vintage race cars, or iconic road cars.

Custom Models: BBR also offers bespoke models, which can be tailored to the customer's specifications. This service is especially appealing to collectors who want a model that represents a specific vehicle with exact features or livery.

Exotic Cars: They specialise in high-performance and luxury brands, often producing models of cars that are otherwise scarcely represented in the model car market.

Distribution and Recognition

Global Reach: BBR Models are distributed internationally and are typically available from specialised model car retailers, both in physical stores and online.

Awards: The brand's commitment to quality has been recognised with numerous awards within the model-making community.


BBR Models has established itself as a luxury brand within the scale model car market, offering products which reflect the pinnacle of model-making technology and design. Their models are considered investments by collectors and are often centrepieces of collections, showcasing automotive art in miniature form.

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