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A wonderful shop to deal with. Friendly and helpful service and a great selection of models. Highly recommended.

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Definitely will be a repeat customer and I look forward to dealing with Swapmeet again. 5 stars truly earned - keep up the great work!

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It's always great to do business with this company - first rate!

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Established in 2016, Atlantic Case has quickly carved out a niche in the market for high-quality display cases, catering to collectors of model vehicles and memorabilia worldwide. Their product range showcases a dedication to craftsmanship and a deep understanding of a collector’s needs.

Diverse Material Selection

Atlantic Case offers a variety of base materials for their cases, including natural wood, luxurious leather, modern acrylic, and sturdy metal. Each base is available in several colours, providing customers with the opportunity to personalise their display to match their unique style and the aesthetics of their collection.

Enhancing the Collector's Vision

For those who seek to bring a lifelike atmosphere to their collection, the diorama displays from Atlantic Case are impeccably detailed, offering a snapshot of life that enhances the storytelling of each piece. The attention to detail in these displays helps create a microcosm of reality that is both engaging and true to the collector's vision.

Versatile Mounting Solutions

Atlantic Case also understands the importance of space and presentation, offering wall-mounted cases for those who prefer to keep their workspaces and shelves free. These cases transform model vehicles into hanging art, elevating the collection and saving valuable room. For the avid collector with a broad array, the multi-car displays allow for a grand presentation of their fleet, turning a gathering of models into an impressive exhibition.

Dynamic Display Accessories

Additionally, their innovative ramps, a unique accessory in the world of collectible displays, offer an angled view of the vehicles. This not only adds a dynamic flair to the presentation but also enables enthusiasts to showcase the undercarriage details often missed in traditional flat displays.

Varied and Detailed Figurines

A collection is more than just the vehicles; it's about the world they inhabit. To this end, Atlantic Case offers an array of figurines to populate these miniature worlds, adding scale, life, and context to the scenes created by collectors. These figurines can be instrumental in turning a display into a narrative that captures the imagination.

Global Reach

With a commitment to accessibility and customer satisfaction, Atlantic Case has expanded its reach to over 20 countries, establishing a strong connection with distributors across Europe, America, Australia, and Asia. This extensive network ensures that collectors around the globe can easily find and enjoy Atlantic Case's quality displays.

Whether for a single treasured piece or an expansive collection, Atlantic Case provides elegant, durable, and creative solutions for model vehicle enthusiasts to showcase their passion.

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