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Ligier is a French manufacturer that is known for its involvement in various automotive sectors, including automobiles, racing, and microcars. The brand gained recognition in the late 20th century through its participation in Formula One racing and has since diversified its operations.

Racing Pedigree

Founded by former racing driver and rugby player Guy Ligier in 1968, the company entered the Formula One World Championship in the mid-1970s. Ligier's racing team achieved notable success on the Grand Prix circuit, securing several wins and podium finishes throughout their participation in the sport. The bright blue racing machines of Ligier became a prominent fixture in Formula One until the team's sale in the mid-1990s.

Road Cars

Beyond the racetrack, Ligier has manufactured road cars, initially producing sports cars. In later years, the firm shifted its focus toward the production of microcars or "voitures sans permis" (vehicles that can be driven without a standard driving license in some European countries). These small, lightweight vehicles are often powered by diesel or electric engines and are popular in urban and rural areas for their convenience and ease of use.

Microcars and Urban Mobility

The current range of Ligier microcars is designed to cater to a growing market of urban dwellers and young drivers, as well as those who prefer or require an alternative to full-sized vehicles. These microcars are particularly appealing because of their manoeuvrability, fuel efficiency, and eco-friendly options, including all-electric models which align with increasing environmental concerns and regulation in European cities.

Innovation and Growth

Despite its modest size compared to larger automobile manufacturers, Ligier has demonstrated a commitment to innovation, particularly in the field of microcars and light quadricycles. The brand has also been involved in the development of light commercial vehicles, recognising the importance of the utility market and the need for compact, efficient transportation solutions in densely populated urban centres.

Motorcycle and Quadricycle Production

In addition to four-wheeled vehicles, Ligier has also produced motorcycles and quadricycles, diversifying its offerings to cover a wide range of personal and commercial transportation needs. This includes the Ligier Professional line, which offers a range of utility vehicles built for specific tasks that require compact size and agility.

Ligier Today

Today, Ligier continues to stay relevant by responding to market trends and the evolving needs of European drivers. The company maintains a firm position in the microcar segment and remains committed to providing innovative mobility solutions. With environmental concerns driving the evolution of vehicles across Europe, Ligier's focus on small, efficient, and alternative fuel vehicles positions it well for the future of urban transportation.


From its original roots in the high-speed world of Formula One racing to its current reputation as a specialist in microcars and urban mobility solutions, Ligier has navigated the automotive landscape with agility and foresight. It's a brand that's been able to adapt and thrive by focusing on niche markets and now stands as a testimony to the enduring appeal of compact and efficient transportation options.

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