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Berliet was a French manufacturer that played a significant role in the automotive industry, particularly in the production of cars, buses, trucks, and military vehicles. Founded by Marius Berliet in 1899, the company started by building single-cylinder automobiles and quickly expanded its operations as the demand for vehicles grew in the early 20th century.

Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Production

In its early days, Berliet was known for pioneering car designs and soon shifted focus to commercial vehicles, which became its primary market. By the First World War, Berliet had made considerable contributions to the war effort by manufacturing military trucks. Their robustness and reliability led to the company's growth in the commercial sector, where Berliet trucks became a common sight, not only in France but across international markets as well.

Contribution to Public Transport

Berliet also ventured into the public transport space, producing buses and coaches that were used throughout France and in other countries. Their reliability and efficiency gained them a solid reputation in this sector.

Military Influence and Postwar Era

During World War II, Berliet, like many industrial firms of the time, was directed to contribute to the war production. After the war, the company resumed its focus on commercial vehicles and played a part in the economic growth of the postwar period by enabling the transport of goods across Europe.

End of the Berliet Brand

The 1960s and 1970s were a challenging time for many European automotive manufacturers due to market competition and economic difficulties. Berliet was eventually acquired by Citro├źn, and then became part of Renault Trucks. By 1978, the Berliet name ceased to be used, as the company fully merged into Renault's operations, marking the end of the Berliet automobiles and commercial vehicles.


Today, Berliet's legacy lives on primarily in the memories of classic automobile enthusiasts and historians. The brand is remembered for its significant contributions to commercial transportation and for being an integral part of the development of the automotive industry in France. Enthusiasts often celebrate Berliet for its innovative designs and engineering principles that stood for quality and durability.

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