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Alvis was a British manufacturing company known for automobile and military vehicle production, along with aviation components. It was founded in 1919 by Thomas George John and stood out for its innovative engineering and handsome designs. Alvis Cars established a reputation for performance and quality engineering, producing cars that were ahead of their time in terms of technological advancements.

The early models from Alvis featured front-wheel drive and independent front suspension, features that were pioneering at the time. Their lineup included a range of elegant coupes, drophead coupes, and saloons with distinctive styling and advanced overhead cam engines, some even equipped with superchargers. Alvis vehicles were noted for their craftsmanship and performance, establishing a strong presence in racing and motorsports.

During World War II, Alvis was instrumental in the war effort, shifting its focus from automobiles to the production of armoured vehicles, other military hardware, and aircraft engines. This diversification was crucial to the company's survival through the war years when car production had to be halted.

After the war, Alvis resumed car production and continued to build automobiles until the 1960s, when it slowly began to phase out its car manufacturing operations to concentrate solely on the production of military vehicles and aerospace components. Alvis had a number of notable post-war cars, but by the end of the 1960s, car production ceased. The name and car production were taken over by Rover, and then later, British Leyland.

Although Alvis stopped producing cars, the company continued its engineering tradition in other areas. It remained a significant manufacturer of military vehicles, including armoured cars and other specialised military transport, right up until its merger with British aerospace companies.

Today, the Alvis name lives on, particularly amongst classic car enthusiasts. The brand enjoys a cult following, with Alvis Owner Clubs and collectors maintaining and celebrating the heritage of the marque. Additionally, the existing Alvis Car Company, which obtained the rights to the brand, has been offering a continuation of classic Alvis models, hand-built with modern engineering updates, allowing new generations to experience some of the brand’s iconic vehicles.

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