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Discover the enduring elegance and precision of French automotive engineering with our Alpine model car collection. Founded in 1955 by race car driver Jean Rédélé, Alpine quickly established itself as a racing powerhouse with a focus on lightweight construction and innovative technology. We pay homage to this iconic brand with our range of scale replicas that embody the spirit of French automotive excellence.

Passing On the Torch of Innovation - Model after Model

Like the unique design of every Alpine model car, each one tells a story of breakthrough and collaboration. The French manufacturer's racing legacy and spirit of innovation have been passed down through the years, and our model cars capture the essence of that spirit. We offer a broad range of Alpine models each with their unique journey of innovation and performance, starting from the original A106 and A110 models and moving through to the latest A110S Coupe. Our Alpine collection showcases the evolution of Alpine racing cars and road cars, demonstrating the leading role they play in the French automotive world.

A Tale of Speed and Performance - Captured in Models

Alpine's reputation for producing vehicles that are both high-performance and stylish began with the original A106 model, a low-slung coupe that weighed in at just under 1,400 pounds and pushed the boundaries of automotive engineering at the time. Since then, Alpine has produced an array of championship vehicles, including the A110 model which features a more powerful engine and a sleek, curvaceous body. Our Alpine model cars perfectly capture the unique and refined driving experience of Alpine vehicles, and showcase their championship status through meticulous detailing and craftsmanship.

Engineering that Stands the Test of Time

Lightweight construction and innovation engineering are core to the Alpine manufacturing DNA. Our up-to-date Alpine models are crafted with a dedication to detail and a commitment to creating replicas that match their original counterparts in every aspect. Precision construction techniques combined with high-quality materials ensure that our scale cars are durable, long-lasting and continue to stun seasoned collectors and enthusiasts alike.


Alpine's legacy dates back over 70 years, starting with Jean Rédélé's racing victories in the 1950s and continuing to this day with the latest A110 models. Our Alpine model car collection provides an adequate tribute to this iconic French racing manufacturer that is founded on a commitment to innovation, style, and an unwavering passion for performance.

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